Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 30 & 31

My brother pointed out something weird in the sky. When I looked, I saw orange lights high enough to look like stars and just under the clouds.  My theory on what they are is the second picture.

I had a great time doing this activity and learned so much!  Thank you guys for sharing in this wonderful thing with me.

Happy Halloween!!!!

October Sketch 30- The Terrible Pumpking

The Terrible Vigilante Pumpking.


WIP wuuudup?

need to do more dude characters

October Sketch 15, 28, and 29

So, trying to catch up here here...

I realized I actually hadn't posted Day 15's drawing even though I had it done... it was a touch up of Day 14's Constable Crash to be more in line with Icky's art style. I was hoping to have a chance to color it, so I must have forgotten to post it.

The next drawing is a rough sketch of Eric Evans, a character from a book I'm writing. I would like to do something more detailed but he's still work in progress..

Day 29's drawing is a random ogre-type character. I've never really drawing this type of character before, but this was alot of fun, I'm hoping to expand into more creature designs in the future.


We did it!!!!! Thanks everyone who contributed!!. please don't let this die and keep posting any doodles and or final works.

OctoberSketch #31!

Technically OctoberSketch ended yesterday (we decided to only do 30 days for it), but here's a bonus.


- Day 30 -

Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 28

OctoberSketch #28!

Started off warm, but ended up icy cold!

- Day 28 -


A Quick Speedpaint.


Not technically for day 28 because I'm missing other days but what the heck.

October Sketch 25- A Skull

So, some reviews of some of my earlier pictures prompted me to revisit them, but I was unsatisfied with how they were turning out, so I decided to go back and better re-familiarize myself with the shapes of the face. The process is ongoing, but in the hopes of gaining more feed back I decided to freehand this skull as a milestone to try and see what I can do after a few hours of study.  I do feel that I have a better understanding of how things are put together, but of course, I will be doing more work on this. The teeth are totally unrealistically proportioned though, just cause I wanted to draw them that way.

Friday, October 25, 2013